Skidaway Farms

Growing Foodfor the Hungry

Three members of the Landings Garden Club learned of a need for fresh vegetables at the Social Apostolate Pantry for the Hungry in Savannah. Their 10’ x 20’ rented garden plot is located on-island at the Skidaway Community Farm, a locally operated, fenced and irrigated community garden where many island residents grow seasonal vegetables, herbs and flowers. Master Gardner, Jayne Rogers began seedlings of cherry tomatoes, lettuce, basil and peppers indoors during the cold winter months. In March, the plot was prepped for planting with manure and organic fertilizer and by early April seedlings were planted along with squash, tomatoes, eggplant and peppers, some donated by other gardeners.
Lettuce and squash were the first to be harvested followed by the tomatoes, peppers and other vegetables. Bags were filled and placed in the on-site refrigerator also supplied by the Farm. Once a week, a Social Apostolate volunteer would pick up the vegetables to be incorporated in lunches made for the hungry and homeless. Any extra vegetables are made available in the Social Apostolate’s Food Pantry and we were gratified to hear that those served greatly appreciated having the “treat” of fresh vegetables. At the end of the warm weather season, the plot was cleared and a tarp was placed over the soil to rest the garden until the cool fall weather season.

The Fall Garden included Brussel sprouts, Joi Choi Pak choi- Chinese cabbage, Cabbage 'Bravo', Kale 'Redbor', Swiss Chard Bright Lights, Lettuce ‘Buttercrunch’ and ‘New Red Fire’, Cabbage 'Cairo', Lettuce - Mesclun mix, Rosemary and Radishes ‘French breakfast’.
2021 Oleander District 
Special Achievement Award
Garden Club of Georgia

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