There is something that Julia Roberts, Jake Gyllenhaal, Martha Stewart, and Oprah Winfrey all have in common? They all love to garden, and there are several reasons for joining our garden club. Besides making new friends, gardening is good exercise, you can learn about different gardening tips, improve your own skills, save money by growing your own vegetables, and meet interesting and wonderful gardeners.  What is not to love about joining our garden club?

What Does The Garden Club Do?

As a working club, we actively participate in community service projects, and learn about all phases of gardening, including horticulture, flower arranging, and preservation of our environment of plants, wildlife, and our coastal marshes. The focus of our work is aligned with the objectives and goals of The Garden Club of Georgia and the National Garden Clubs, Inc.  Our work is supported financially by our dues and the members; making and selling Christmas bows and raffling monthly floral arrangements. The Landings Garden Club has an executive committee of six officers and eighteen standing committees. We also publish a monthly newsletter of club activities, announcements, and interesting area events. 

What is Expected of a Member?

Members should attend meetings and be willing to actively participate on a committee of your choice, possibly accepting the role of a Chairmanship, if called upon by the President. If the Nominating Committee calls on you to serve as an Officer, it is hoped you will carefully consider the office and accept. The backbone of the Club is having a good slate of officers. To be selected as an officer is a privilege; not a chore.

When Do We Meet?   

Regular Garden Club meetings generally are held the 4th Monday from September through May. Board meetings are 9:00 AM, followed by refreshments at 9:15, and the general meeting at 10:00, after which a program is presented.  Our monthly speakers address a wide range of topics from floral arrangement to preservation of our marshes, birds, and wildlife. 

What are the Dues?

Duesare $40 per year for active members and $50 for inactive members. You will then receive the award-winning publication, Garden Gateways. This publication contains news of the state organization and member clubs, announcements for various seminars, and plenty of garden-related information.

Are you thinking of joining our team of garden enthusiasts?
Check our our Membership Activity Descriptions Here
  Email or contact Susan Mason, our Membership Chair at: if you have questions.

Membership Notes
Please welcome our new members to the garden club who joined in December and January:  Cathy Blatt, Charlene Carter, Lee Gillis, Jen Johnson, John Robinson, and Sally Wheeler.  Look for their bios in future newsletters.  We are so glad to have you.
I'm so proud that everyone turned in their membership forms and dues in December and January.  Thank you so much!  In updating the membership, it was discovered that several members had moved, had health-related issues, or their schedules couldn't warrant any further extra-curricular activities. We will miss them, but look forward to the future and adding new members.


2024-2025 Membership Renewal

What are some things you love about our club?  Maybe it is the friends you have made, it might be the education you gain about how to grow beautiful plants and flowers, or it might be to get out of the house and have some fun!  Our dues go to supporting activities and programs throughout the year. Thank you so much for getting your dues and membership forms turned in on time. 

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