Our Club Then and Now

The first meeting of The Landings Garden Club took place on October 22, 1986 with 27 women in attendance.  At that time The Landings consisted of Marshwood, Plantation and Midpoint.  Today,  The Landings has grown to 9,000 homes and added Deer Creek, Oakridge and Moon River Landing. 
Our Club has grown too, in its over 30 years, to more than 125 members.  We are part of the National Garden Club, which is recognized as the largest volunteer gardening organization in the world. Of the original group Joan Ross, Marguerite Weisemann, and Sandra Wolf are still members. 
We are proud to announce that our projects earned the Club numerous awards from the Garden Club of Georgia, the Deep South Region, the National Garden Clubs, Inc. and the Oleander District. 
Oleander District 
Awards Allstar Club
Special Achievement
Butterfly Award
Oleander District 
Awards Allstar Club
Horticulture Excellence-Club
Butterfly Award
Garden Club of Georgia
10 1st Place awards
Deep South Region
5 Total  -  4 1st Place -and 1 2nd Place
National Garden Clubs, Inc.
4 Total - 2 1st and a Certificate of Appreciation

Oleander District 
Awards Allstar Club
Horticulture Excellence - Individual (Betsey Andersen)
Garden Club of Georgia
15 Total Awards ~ 13 were 1st Place Awards 
Deep South Region 
4 Total ~ 2  - 1st and 2 - 2nd Place Awards 
National Garden Clubs, Inc.
One - 1st Place
Oleander District 
Allstar Club
Membership Award
Horticulture Excellence - Club
Garden Club of Georgia
10 - 1st Place Awards
Deep South Region 
4 - 2nd Place Awards
National Garden Club
2 - 1st Place Awards
Oleander District 
Membership Award
Butterfly Award
Garden Club of Georgia
7 - 1st Place Awards
1 - 3rd Place Award
Deep South Region 
1 - 2nd Place Award
National Garden Club
1 - 1st Place Award 
1 Honorable Mention
Here are some of our Club’s many accomplishments over the past 32 years:
  • Arbor Day observance each February, including a Cathedral Live Oak tree at Moonriver Overlook in 2018 and two Red Maple trees at Sparrow Field in 2019
  • Renovated and maintain the Serenity Garden at Memorial Hospital's Anderson Cancer Institute
  • Purchased, planted and maintain several beds at Bethesda Academy
  • Maintain container gardens at Landings Club facilities
  • Plantings and maintenance of front garden of the Village Library 
  • Financial support and volunteer labor for The Sparrow Field, a project of Skidaway Audubon 
  • Landscaping of St. Luke’s Place, a home for disabled young people in Savannah   
  • Adopt-A-Highway Litter Control on Diamond Causeway 
  • 30 Continuous years of contributing gifts, toiletries and clothing for patients at Georgia Regional Hospital  
  • Donations of artwork and Christmas gifts to residents of Central State Hospital 
  • Enhancement of landscaping of Mall Branch of Chatham County Public Library 
  • Wildflower Garden on Diamond Causeway 
  • Planting of oleanders at Pinpoint GA in honor of Clarence Thomas 
  • Annual Support of Area Council Botanical Garden Center on Eisenhower 
  • Holiday Decoration of The Landings Community Gates  
  • Blue Star Memorial Marker installation 2007 
  • Butterfly Garden at Skidaway Island State Park established and funded since 2009 
  • The Nature Trail at The Landings, the club purchased plants, established and identified a beautiful, 2.5 mile native plant trail, winning 1st place in the National Garden Club’s ‘Conservation Award’ and a $1,000 prize. 
  • Planted an American Liberty Elm Tree in honor of 9-11, which is located near Lagoon 58, off Sounding Point Retreat in Oakridge 
Check Out The Photo Archive Showcasing Our Rich History

  Charitable Gifts

  • State Botanical Garden of Athens
  • Children's Garden at SBC in Athens
  • Cherokee Garden Library
  • Founders Memorial Garden
  • Historic Preservation
  • Land Trust: Marshall Forest
  • Natural Disaster Support (GCG)
  • Roadside Beautification
  • State Parks & Public Lands
  • Blue Star Marker Restoration Fund
  • Garden Therapy Fund
  • C. Burke Day, Jr. Memorial Fund
  • Friends of the State Botanical Garden
  • GCG State Headquarters
  • Penny Pines (NGC)
  • Orphaned Bird Care
  • GCG Scholarship
  • Skidaway Audubon Society
  • Safe Shelter-Children's Garden
  • UGA Marine Ext. - J Wolf Trail Project

Holiday Bow Sales

In order to support our many charitable and community projects, the Landings Garden Club sells handmade holiday bows.  Our members gather during the summer months to create more than 800 bows in several sizes and colors.
The bows have become a traditional holiday decor in our community.  Between November 15th and December 15th, bows are sold at the Skidaway Village and at special island and Club events.  Click Here for details about Holiday Bow sale dates and times.

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