Chamberbitter- Phyllanthus urinaria is a growing problem in Georgia gardens. Have you been noticing a small mimosa-like weed in your gardens? This tropical herb goes by many common names; chamberbitter, mimosa weed, stonebreaker, and leaf flower. Some Asian countries use it to treat kidney stones, hence the stonebreaker name. Chamberbitter is a warm season invasive annual herb. It reproduces by yellow ball-like seeds underneath the leaves that explode when ripe dispersing thousands of seeds.  Pre-emergents applied twice in early spring can only help control itas can herbicides. The best results come from hand pulling the entire plant and immediately disposing it in plastic. The practice of keeping 2-4" of mulch on your garden beds is always a good weed deterrent. May your weeds be gone!         Submitted by Karen Burroughs

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