Arbor Day Celebrations


Arbor Day 2020

The Landings Garden Club celebrated Arbor Day 2020 by planting a 'D.D. Blanchard' Magnolia tree in the common square of the Moon River Landing community.  This Magnolia species was chosen for its unique large dark green leaves and rusty brown undersides.  It can grow up to 75' tall and its open branched pyramidal form makes an excellent shade tree with huge cup-shaped flowers in early summer. The fragrant blossoms can be 8" in width and the flower’s sweet scent attract pollinators and the bloom produces a protein rich pollen which bees use as food.  The Magnolia also supports the larvae of some moth and butterfly species and its seeds provide food for birds.  It fits well with our goal as a wild-life sustainable community.

Arbor Day 2019

The Landings Garden Club celebrated Arbor Day 2019 by planting two Red Maple trees at the Sparrow Field Pollinator Garden.  The Red Maple was chosen not only for its spectacular red leaves in fall, but also for its red flowers in early spring,and the red twigs of new growth before the dazzling fall show of color.  Red Maple's are one of the most populous trees in the eastern U.S. because it adapts well to different environments, is drought tolerant, and will also grow in wet areas that can be foundin the Southern U.S.  Thank you to Zipperer and Company, who dug the holes and donated the trees for the event.

Arbor Day 2018

In honor of Arbor Day 2018, members of the Landings Garden Club planted a Cathedral Live Oak Tree.  This species of tree was selected for its pyramid-type form, strong branches and tall straight trunk.  It will maintain its glossy, dark green leaves all year long providing a shelter for local and migrating birds and its acorns will provide fall food to local wildlife.  Funds to purchase the tree wereprovided through annual Holiday Bow sales.
Garden Club members coordinated with the manager of the Landings Association’s property management team to select a location with sufficient room for the tree to mature.  The selected location was a scenic overlook to the Moon River and the Inter-coastal Waterway that flows by Skidaway Island.  This location provides not only the room to grow, but the added advantage of enhancing this scenic overlook in a newer development at the Landings for the enjoyment of all our residents. 

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