2019-20Meetings and Special Events

February 12, 2020
Legacy Senior Community
Residents enjoyed making Valentine Arrangements with membersMary Beth, Belinda, Lisa, and Tina
February 11, 2020
Field Trip:  Georgia Southern Arboretum
Guided tour by Philip Shretter, Grounds Superintendent
February 10, 2020
Special Event - Owls with Russ Wigh
January 27, 2020
General Meeting:  New and Under-used Plant Materials
Tim Drake, The Greenery, Hilton Head
Pruning Essentials and Sharpening Tips by Betsey Andersen and Pam Patterson
$1,000 Plant America Grant Announced for the Hess School Outdoor Classroom Project
to Done in a Day Committee
Co-Chair Maddie Harwood by Lisa Hall
January 14, 2020
New Member Social
Hosted at the home of President Jane Golz
December 2, 2019
General Meeting:  Holiday Centerpieces
November 4, 2019
General Meeting: Secret Underground Water Systems of the Landings
Sean Burgess, Public Works Director at TLA
October 22, 2019
Field Trip to Chatham Nurseries and Thompson Nursery
October 14, 2019
Heritage Luncheon - Forest City
Dr. Robin Williams, Chair-Architectural History, SCAD gave a fabulous presentation on the History and significance of Savanah's Trees and Greenspaces.  Donna Slappy was responsible for the beautiful center pieces 
October 7, 2019
Special Event:  Berm to Farm
Dawn Cordo, Shirley Brown and Fitz Clarke, Jr gave  a guided tour of the pollinator berm at Sparrow Field, identifying the many species of pollinator host plants. 
Followed by a tour of Skidaway Farms with Jane Kollman. 
Betsey Andersen gave a demonstration of "Compost Tea" it gets the nutrients straight to the roots.

Jean Deitch instructed the use of Ola Pots and a homemade version to keep your plants moist.
September 23, 2019
General Meeting: Tricks of the Trade with John Davis/John Davis Florist
With over 20 years experience as the premier Savannah designer, John shares tips and ideas for beautiful and dramatic floral arrangements.
June 26, 2019
Special Event: Pam Patterson's Woodland Garden

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